Ways of Protecting the Loader Bucket Edge

The front end loader is the most flexible and versatile piece of machinery when it comes to producing asphalt. The business end of the machine is the bucket which makes protecting it a worthy investment.

Buckets are not created equal. Their varied sizes and shapes can be quickly disconnected or permanently mounted. It can also be a spade-nosed and straight-lipped bucket. Whatever the shape of the bucket, protecting the loader bucket edge needs either straight, segmented, or teeth cutting edges.

  • Extending the life of a front end loader bucket edge becomes possible with armouring it with the easily replaceable cutting edges. A loader bucket’s life stays longer with replaceable wear parts such as a high-quality cutting edge.
  • In general conditions, a standard treat-heated steel cutting edge will suffice. However, the tungsten carbide impregnated cutting edge is highly recommended when the wear factor is higher.
  • Worn parts of the loader bucket edge that are immediately replaced are probably the most cost-effective and fastest way to extend its life. The underlying bucket component is protected when worn parts are replaced on time.
  • The best time to armour your bucket is when it is still new. The extra cutting edges armour allows the wear parts to take a beating and remain strong in its entire lifetime.
  • It’s best to use the automatic levelling system of the loader if it has one. The wear life of components is efficiently maximised with the proper alignment and angle of the loader bucket.
  • Cutting edge life of the loader bucket is reduced when the mouldboard gets warped. Warping of the mouldboard happens when the heat is introduced into the bucket’s steel. The heat produced during hardfacing will eventually weaken the metallurgical elements of the bucket. This means that hardfacing should be avoided when possible.
  • Wear parts such as cutting edges is the best way to extend the life of the loader bucket edge. It serves as a sacrificial element for the wear instead of wearing away the bucket’s base steel. It’s more cost-effective to let replaceable parts such as cutting edges wear away than wear away the base steel of the bucket. Worn cutting edges are easily replaced and more cost-effective in the long run. Extending the life of your loader bucket makes the application of cutting edges the best option.
  • The remaining life of cutting edges and other components can be accurately measured by an ultrasonic thickness tester. Investing in this instrument is recommended to make the measurement quick and easy. However, it must be remembered that only the steel’s top layer is accurately measured by the instrument. This means that the base steel thickness underneath the bucket cannot be accurately measured by the ultrasonic thickness tester.
  • Ideas for protecting the loader bucket edge means that deciding on the best wear replacement components depends on the location and the work involved.

Cutting edges are replaceable components that help to protect the base steel of a loader’s bucket. It is always sensible to go for replaceable parts than sacrifice the base steel of the bucket. Not only will replaceable parts prolong the lifespan of the loader’s bucket, but productivity is also at high levels.