4×4 winch: Buying the right winch for your 4wd

If you are looking for a 4 into 4 winch, you should consider picking one which is just right for your 4wd. It is best to go for a winch which is the right size. A general rule of thumb is to buy a winch which is one and a half times higher in weight then your vehicle. It is best to go for one that has a maximum pulling power with the first wrap of the cable on the drum. An extra layer would only increase the diameter and would reduce the pulling power by around 10%.

Determine your budget before buying a 4 x 4 winch

When you have an idea about the size of the winches hat you require you would need to take a look at all the models which come within your budget. Winches are available in a variety of prices which can range from a few hundred dollars to over thousands of dollars. However there are certain manufacturers who specialise in designing winches in regular sizes which are within your requirements and your budget too. The difference in price for different winches could be attributed to the features that the winch has. Along with the winch you might also need to purchase a synthetic cable, metal leads and thimbles which can be upgraded as well.

If you are going to use the winch for the first time it is best to use one which is easy to operate. It should be kept in mind that expensive winches are stronger and therefore more reliable. These offer a better efficiency and can greatly improve your 4wd experience. Most winches come with a mechanical warranty. Always make sure to check it out before you buy a 4wd winch.

Waterproof winch

If you are constantly moving around a rough Terrain which also includes water and mud you may need to choose a waterproof winch. Always check for the IP ratings which denote the protection which the winch can have against water.

The pulling power of 4 x 4 winch

One of the most important aspects of a winch is its pulling power. However it should be kept in mind that even if you are buying winches of the same brand and the model there could be a significant difference in their weight ratings. The different pulling power can be attributed to the fact that some winches might provide you more pulling power but a lesser line speed. On the other hand you can also consider buying wireless winch controllers which allow you to operate the winch at a safe distance. These require separate batteries and might not have strong signals therefore you might need to get near to your vehicle and the winch to ensure that the pulling power is enough to drag your car out of the mud.

Another option is to go for Electrical winches which are integrated with the solenoid pack. These tend to be sleeker and more refined than manual winches and can be mounted just about anywhere. It is best to go for 4×4 winch which is well suited for your 4 wd.