The mining industry has spent millions of dollars making ads where employees tell their story. But they've clearly dubbed the videos with mining industry spin. Luckily, we've uncovered the original recordings and can now reveal the real story.

Clive Palmer

As a mining billionaire, Clive Palmer has some very interesting things to share. Very, very interesting. Stuff that you wouldn't believe, really.

Allan Billison

As a mining billionaire, Allan Billison is not that different from ordinary everyday people like you. He has a regular commute, regular job. Allan's job is to keep the economy completely unbalanced in favour of mining.

This video has been removed.

A Paid Extra

As an Environmental Manager for a big coal company, this paid extra has the job of draining surrounding river-beds to get enough water to keep the mining operations going. But it's not all champagne and caviar: he will have to get a job overseas once all the minerals have been dug out of here.

Fly in, Ship Out

Originally from France, this Operations Manager had no idea what mining involved until she arrived here. Then she discovered it was about digging stuff out of the ground and shipping it off to China. Since then, she has streamlined operations so that it's almost all done by computers -- eliminating many of the pesky jobs that would otherwise go to Australian workers.