This is the Real Story

What’s the Real Story?

realstorybookThe Real Story is a group of short stories relating to Australian Experiences. People from all nationalities are invited to submit their story to be included in the next Real Story Book. Each chapter is recommended to be around 5-10 pages as these are short reads.

This book will be provided to local news-agencies and bookstores. This is a great opportunity in getting your foot in the door and becoming a co-author of a popular book.

How do I write the story?

For writing training you could join a short workshop provided by Paramount. In the training they will teach you the art of writing and the different voices your material can have. It is recommended to attend a public workshop before creating your material if you are new at writing. For more details on training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra Parramatta or the Gold Coast see

Other writing resources are available online. We recommend reading these top 10 tips here

Submit Your Story

Once you have your material submit to for review. You will get an email confirming your submission and entry. After submission the review process takes around 21 days and you will be notified by email if you are successful in your submission.

Best of luck all entries need to be submitted by 28th December 2016